Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fungi never tasted better.... Munchee Mushrooms

Fungi or quite commonly known as Fungus can be good, bad or deadly... Come on now, don't expect me to give you gyaan on Fungus because this isn't wikipedia nor am I a science guru... LOL... :)

Okay, coming to the point.. Today, we are going to learn how to prepare a dish which is probably the quickest way to prepare a snack for all you party lovers, just incase you are running short of your snacks and party hasn't even reached half time. And this dish is again an innovation or rather let's say shortage of time and limited ingredients left in the fridge...

Munchee Mushrooms

Ingredients - (For two people)

White Button Mushrooms - 1 packet or 200gms
Green Capsicum - 1 medium sized
Onion - 1 Medium Sized
Garlic - 8 cloves
Green Chillies - 5 nos
Salt - To taste
Dark Soy Sauce - 1 tablespoon
Chinese Chilli Sauce - 1/2 tablespoon
Oil - 2 teaspoons (Try Olive Oil or Chilli Oil)

Optional Ingredients -

Port/Cooking/Table Wine - 60ml

Method to prepare -

Even a kid would be able to make this dish, but don't get to carried away and keep the kids away from kitchen and its items.

  • Wash mushrooms throughly in running water to clean off any dirt or mud stuck on it and keep aside
  • Cut the long stalk away off the mushrooms and then drop them into a pot of boiling water before letting them to boil for about 15 minutes
  • Once, you feel the mushrooms have reduced half by size remove them from boiling water and put them into ICE cold water to stop the cooking immediately as well as to retain texture
  • In the mean time, cut the onion and capsicum into cube shaped pieces
  • Take the garlic along with chillies and fine chop them, but be careful not to chop off your fingers....
  • Now, cut the mushrooms into cubes; didn't understand!?! Okay, all you need to do is make sure cut the mushroom into four equal parts and keep aside
  • Put a pan with oil and keep the heat on high flame itself
  • Once you feel the oil is heated enough then add the fine chopped garlic & chillies and keep frying them till you start getting nice fried garlic smell
  • Add Onions and garlic immediately to the pan while its on high flame itself and keep stirring to fry it
  • Don't leave pan on stove to check your favorite serial but make sure you are standing there otherwise it would burn into nice black charcoal... LOL... :)
  • Fry for about 1 minutes or so and then add mushrooms to the pan and stir fry them for another 2-3 minutes
  • Add salt, chilli sauce and soy sauce to the mixture and fry for another 2 minutes on high flame itself
  • Add that 60 ml of port wine when you feel the mushroom and onions are looking as if they are turning crisp and fry for another 1-2 minutes
  • Take it off the stove and serve hot with your favorite drinks either alcoholic or non-alcoholic but please don't make a mistake of serving them with any milk based or cream based drinks as it would end up into a big tsunami in the stomach... I think you guys understood what I meant?!
Enjoy your munchee mushrooms and as always don't forget to comment, shout, scream or even abuse if you like or don't like the outcome because a hospital or a dustbin aren't far when you need one.... LOL... :)

- Thotaji Baawarchi :)

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