Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power Packed Snack.... Chilli Cheese Sandwich

My friends have always been asking me why don't you start blogging recipes and share, so that even they can experiment... I don't know how many of them would be successful and how many of them would burn down their kitchens, but hell why not give it a try?! So, here I go with my first recipe blog...

When some one says, power packed snack... What does that mean?! Probably, it's energizing snack or even it could be something like heavy in calories and stuff like that... But when I say that... It means Calories as well as real blazing fire packed snack. Being a telugite can't help making my dishes little over spicy so if you don't like spicy stuff, please normalize the bombs as per your taste. (I mean chillies or red chilly powder or anything and everything that burns up and down... LOL... :P)

Chilli Cheese Sandwich

Ingredients - (For two people)

White/Brown Bread - 4 Slices
Cheese - 4 Slices
(If you have cheese spread then use 3 table spoons=45 gms)
Green Chillies - 2 nos
Garlic Flakes - 6 nos
(When we say garlic flakes it means from a whole garlic pod when you remove the individuals)
Butter/Cooking Oil - 1 teaspoon
Salt - Avoid it as cheese and butter generally consists of salt and adding any additional salt will make it worst...

Method to prepare -

Now, it's time for you to learn how to destroy your ingredients... LOL... No, don't worry I won't let you destroy it.

  • First of all never directly run to the stove, pick your chopping board and make a fine chop of green chillies and garlic flakes together
  • Put them into a bowl and then chop of your cheese if they are slices and if its cheese spread, add the same to the bowl containing chopped chillies and garlic
  • Mix chopped chillies, garlic and cheese together for about 2-3 minutes because the heat which generates on friction while mixing makes it a fine cheese paste just to have the ingredients equally spread out
  • Take your bread slices and cut out the edges if your don't like them and if you "LOVE" bread, please leave the edges on
  • Now, put all four slices of bread next to each other and apply the mixture equally on every alternative slice which means slice 1 applied then slice 3 apply, don't add to slice 2 and slice 4 as bread slices wouldn't stick together
  • Put together slice 1 with slice 2 and slice 3 with slice 4
  • Soooorrryyy, almost forgot to tell you.... You would need either a sandwich maker or bread toaster
  • If you making it with sandwich maker, first open the maker apply oil on both sides and pre-heat for about 3 minutes and then places the bread in between them
  • Don't over roast them, only put them inside the pre-heat sandwich maker for about 3 minutes as cheese melts very quickly and will start burning if you roast it for a longer time
  • And if you are making it with toaster then first toast/roast your bread slices and then apply the cheese mixture, simple... :)
And in about 10 minutes your CHILLI CHEESE SANDWICH is ready which you can serve with Tomato sauce but my personal favorite is Mustard Mayonnaise Sauce, try it you might like it.

If you like the recipe, please do leave a comment and if you don't like the recipe then leave a feedback.....

Now got to go clean my kitchen :( - Thotaji Baawarchi


  1. hey this is a good one !!!! but can I make it on a Tava as well?